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"Bruce Steinberg's monthly U.S. Employment Situation podcast provides a valuable first-on-the-scene report of the latest employment data.  Bruce's product is unique for its straight-forward layman's language and well considered animated graphics, which makes it an extremely useful tool for non-economists without holding back any of the detail professional analysts need.  His quick, unpretentious and often humorous delivery should make even the most time-stressed executive stop to listen.  I strongly recommend his service to any manager who needs to respond quickly to labor market forces."
Richard C. O'Sullivan, Change Management Solutions, Arnold, MD

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If you would like to see the current video podcast, which is an interactive discussion of the monthly employment situation complemented with charts and graphs and the ability to start and stop the presentation as well as examine the chart more closely, go to the Monthly Employment Report webpage for the most up-to-date report.


If you click on the list icon (the second icon in the podcast player above), you will then be able to scroll down the list to earlier podcasts.

To listen to the current Employment Report podcast now, just click on the red podcast icon below and your Media Player should launch automatically. Or right-click to save to your computer like any other file you download from the Internet and play back at your convenience.

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If you already have iTunes, here is the direct link to my channel, which includes the past year of audio podcasts. If you need iTunes, which is totally free and available in both Windows PC and Mac versions, see the free programs that receive podcast RSS feeds section below.


RSS as an acronym standing for Really Simple Syndication, which is a technology that enables a subscriber to be notified when a webpage is changed/updated. The latest version of most web browsers have the capability to subscribe to RSS/XML feeds; my RSS feed will subscribe you to the audio podcast. Just click on the appropriate button below and your web browser will ask you if you want to subscribe to this feed – answer "yes".

My RSS feed is for the audio podcast of the monthly employment situation, which is posted simultaneously with the interactive monthly employment report video, so when you subscribe you will be informed automatically when the new podcasts are available.

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If your require further podcast assistance, or want to produce one for your company, let us know.


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